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How to set up Forwarding module
Patricia Romanikova, 09.03.2023

Doing freight forwarding while managing one's own fleet is a business concept within logistics that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Whether this is your case or you're focusing solely on freight forwarding services, let's take a look at setting up a Forwarding module in Transportly TMS, which is designed for established companies as well as those who are just starting out with freight forwarding activities.

Tips & Tricks
TMS - 3 letters, that will help you compete with bigger carriers
Patricia Romanikova, 23.06.2022

TMS or Transport management system is an online tool used all over the world to manage the daily workflow of transportation companies. What are the key benefits it provides? Keep reading to find out.

Press Release
Introducing Transportly: TMS that improves your daily workload
Patricia Romanikova, 06.04.2022

We are proud to introduce Transportly, a brand new Transportation Management System for effective day-to-day operations of road cargo carriers.